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Get Your Board “On Board” with Being a Better Boss

There’s a Better Way to Educate Your Board on their Role

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Did you know that the most important part of board development isn't just governance training or even recruiting board members alone?

So what is the most important part of building a strong and cohesive board?

It’s a community and impact building movement for nonprofit board directors. 

Hi, I’m Mark Buzan and I am a 3 time Executive Director, President, and nonprofit board director who has helped numerous associations grow their revenues, memberships AND build productive board cultures that support their chief staff officer.

So, right now, I’m going to share with you 3 secrets about a community and impact building movement for nonprofit board directors and how you can provide a unique opportunity, as a Chief Staff Officer, to better equip your board and as a result, have them become a better boss to YOU!


The first secret is, weekend retreats and facilitators alone won't get you 100% to where you want to be.

The big idea here is that the information is quickly forgotten and it’s expensive to maintain.
This is important because the best way of learning is actually from your peers. Instead, why not just encourage them to learn from many other board members that have faced similar challenges and issues? 

This way, they'll be able to check their ideas against what others like themselves have been through as well!


The second secret is while most board members trust their Chief Staff Officer, they are often unsure, as volunteers, of what's the right way to be a good boss for you.

The main thing to understand they are volunteers and are not in the job day to day like you are. While most trust their staff leadership, they would really prefer to feel as though they're fully equipped to come to their own conclusions.

This means the best leaders are actually the most INFORMED leaders. Most have a sneaking suspicion that they don’t feel they have all the tools, connections or enough of an independent sounding board to give the right amount of guidance to the Executive Director WITHOUT overstepping their bounds.


The third secret is that most board training speaks far over the heads of the average person who simply just wants to be part of something bigger than themselves.

Most board development training is dry, boring and often in language that's hard to understand.
This is key because training on a job that's often predicated around the rules of what YOU ARE NOT supposed to do, rather than the reasons that lead them to volunteer in the first place, is hardly inspirational. 

The result is that you get boards who are either in the weeds of your business OR ones who are disengaged.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. 

It’s going to be really hard to get my board to agree to take training. I am pretty sure we have this covered off anyways..

Well the tricky thing is that I've found that the number one reason why people step up to a board role is to be connected with others like themselves. This gives them that opportunity. 


 Learning ISN'T a one time affair! It's an ongoing process. This summit provides that!
And so I’ve organized this three day event specifically designed to bring boards to their next level of performance where you can gently guide your board towards a higher understanding of their role and improve board engagement.

This allows you to properly train board members and give them access to resources and a community that deals with many challenges your board might face. They also can educate themselves about governance and learn about the top questions they should ask themselves before taking on a change.

And so what this is going to do is create a culture where board service is a prestigious and aspirational role. 

And another really cool thing is that, this means you'll have a board that's engaged, knows how to stay in its lane, and is truly a joy to work with. 

Let me tell'll love coming to work each day as a result!

When you click the link below, you can book a registration for your board chair or even the whole of your board.


In this call, we can discuss exactly how you can get them involved in this personally transformative opportunity, how and where you as a staff member might be able to fit in and/ or attend a part of the event. 

Finally, as someone who has been in and who is in your shoes as an Executive Director, I’m also happy to offer up my advice on what I’ve seen works in gently influencing boards towards your way of thinking.

Further…when you book that call, and if you’re not happy or feel in anyway our discussion wasn’t a useful exchange for your time, we’ll upgrade the whole of your board to a full membership in the conference’s Roundtables Club at a value of $197 EACH…and that’s for every member of the board! Now, depending on the size of your board, that can be worth thousands!

I honestly don’t know how much longer we’ll keep this three day event specifically designed to bring boards to their next level of performance. Prices will probably go up because we have a growing number of board directors from nonprofits around the world signing up for this conference. To make the most impact, we want to limit the number of registrants so that our experts can have one on one time with them.

We’re always here to help and I can’t tell you all the amazing results we’ve gotten for nonprofit and association leaders just like you who are struggling with getting boards to be more effective resources and leaders for Executive Directors and Chief Staff Officers. 

We also have opportunities for your board to become founding members of the Society of NonProfit Board Directors and partake in our special Roundtables club, but today I’m talking about the three day event specifically designed to bring boards to their next level of performance where, which is amazing.

Here's what others have said about Mark:


"Mark has an extensive track record of consulting with Not For Profit Boards and providing them with invaluable tools and advice. He specializes in the ultimately unpopular, unsexy and yet entirely necessary subject of Board Governance. He makes the topic both engaging and interesting." - Gerry Thibert

Results matter and Mark gets results.

I believe any board of directors that selected him to lead their organization would be well rewarded with his skills, abilities, and commitment. 
Ed Rigsbee, Author of "The ROI of Membership"

I've been working with Mark for over 10 years

He's one of the hardest-working people I know. His knowledge of the industry is great. Very professional. 
Yann Brisebois, CPA (Accountant to numerous nonprofits)

It is my pleasure to recommend Mark Buzan as an executive leader of organizations...

I always found him to have a keen strategic sense.
Alexandre Delacoux, Former Director general of the Bureau of International Recycling

"Experience, dedication and a thorough understanding of the nonprofit milieu."

Ralph Bloch, Bloch & Reed Association Advisors

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